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May 2018 ATA Open Meeting Videos

Atlanta Technology Angels gives a high priority to education, and frequently provides programs designed to inform and educate our members and entrepreneurs on trends and subjects of interest to angel investors.

Examples of topics covered in recent education events include:

  • seven criteria for an angel investment – as seen through the lens of a successful investor
  • impact of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing on traditional angel investing, including the Invest Georgia Exemption, reward-based crowdfunding and the accredited investor crowdfunding under new Rule 506 (c)
  • how to become an effective deal lead
  • due diligence
  • how to value early-stage companies, including presentations on Venture Capital, Score Card and Risk Factor methods
  • post investment issues, including governance, management transitions, follow-up funding and exits
  • hot new areas for angel investments
  • today’s financing terms
  • effective tax planning for angel investment

Neurolyser – Fusmobile

ATA holds Education Events monthly at a variety of venues. Please go to our Events Page for the schedule of planned events.